Amusing News Headlines

It is nice to have a laugh, particularly when the diet of fear and doom is the standard fare dished up these days.

Some in media have a sense of humour and understand that jamming terror down throats day in and day out is a pretty crap strategy. Yet that is the trend currently with media obsessing with fear porn for clicks.

The following are real stories but with amusing headlines. The NT News takes the prize for excellent headlines.

8 thoughts on “Amusing News Headlines

  1. I am not sure whether to envy the people of Darwin their journalists or to pity them their neighbours.
    I used to work with a bloke who had been Walkey award nominated for his headlines. I am not sure what he would think of these.

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  2. Loved the laugh reading through these, Mick. I think that motorcyclist passed me yesterday – zooming straight through the intersection’s red traffic light and powering on to quickly disappear in the distance ahead, leaving me only with the image of his loose flimsy T-shirt flapping hysterically as he sped past. He wants to die.

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