Mick’s Musing 2

I looked out the backdoor this morning and the paddocks across the rail line are more underwater than yesterday, almost an inland sea now. Must have something to do with the rain. By lunchtime the highway and other roads have been cut by water and the house on the moundContinue reading “Mick’s Musing 2”

I want to vent

As one of those “special people” who are politely labelled “high functioning” as a result of being autistic there are times I cast aside my very carefully constructed rules that have allowed me to function in society. At these times I just call it as I see it and usuallyContinue reading “I want to vent”

Just a thought

I was reading the news and the bile was rising in my throat. Not a new thing but sadly familiar with media in general. Then it was on to politicians and their love/hate relationship with media. I reckon it would be fantastic if a politician was giving a press releaseContinue reading “Just a thought”

Mansplaining Mince

This is for Judy Campbell. I was being cheeky and told her I should write a cookbook and call it Dude Food and Mansplaing Mince. At the time I ripped out an explanation of mince at her behest. I reckon there could be some fun to be had with thisContinue reading “Mansplaining Mince”


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