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Welcome to Aussie Essays.

Welcome to Aussie Essays! You can read an amazing amount of crap I write on a variety of subjects. Scroll down for some funny video clips also.

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Below is the opening to an essay I have been thinking about recently. It’s about time and how we waste time. I don’t know where this essay will go but for sure it will go into the great deaktop folder of my weird thoughts. “Once in a lifetime, twice in one day.” Is a lineContinue reading “Time”

Flood Photos July 2022

We have had a bit of rain the past week or so and experienced a bit of flooding. I found some aerial photos to show the extent of the flooding. The water is receding now, but still expect to be slightly cut-off for the next week. Can’t go south more than a few hundred metresContinue reading “Flood Photos July 2022”

Mick’s Musing 2

I looked out the backdoor this morning and the paddocks across the rail line are more underwater than yesterday, almost an inland sea now. Must have something to do with the rain. By lunchtime the highway and other roads have been cut by water and the house on the mound is not looking real goodContinue reading “Mick’s Musing 2”

Mick’s Musing 1

I read a lot of blogs and maybe I’m a glutton for punishment as I read all sorts of posts from a myriad of views and beliefs. As simple and comfy it would be to just read the stuff I align with, it would be a fragile comfort. I read a wide spectrum and haveContinue reading “Mick’s Musing 1”

Music defines the times

The music of every era represents those times. The 1940’s was one of hope in darkness when so many faced certain death. Particularly if you were on the front line. Soldiers were determined to be able to be in battle for 240 days before their minds were totally destroyed. The good news was most ofContinue reading “Music defines the times”

I want to vent

As one of those “special people” who are politely labelled “high functioning” as a result of being autistic there are times I cast aside my very carefully constructed rules that have allowed me to function in society. At these times I just call it as I see it and usually manage to piss off aContinue reading “I want to vent”

Just a thought

I was reading the news and the bile was rising in my throat. Not a new thing but sadly familiar with media in general. Then it was on to politicians and their love/hate relationship with media. I reckon it would be fantastic if a politician was giving a press release and none of the journosContinue reading “Just a thought”

Mansplaining Mince

This is for Judy Campbell. I was being cheeky and told her I should write a cookbook and call it Dude Food and Mansplaing Mince. At the time I ripped out an explanation of mince at her behest. I reckon there could be some fun to be had with this so here it goes. MinceContinue reading “Mansplaining Mince”

ABBA – eat ya heart out

I’m having a pretty good Easter Monday here in Malfunction Junction. I went metal detecting with my neighbour in the park where they used to hang people back in the day. We got sweet FA but ‘canslaw’ and mystery metal but it was more about boytime where we spit, fart, and tell lies knowing thatContinue reading “ABBA – eat ya heart out”

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6 thoughts on “Aussie Essays

  1. Thank you for responding to my post! I enjoyed browsing your site! It seems we are on the same page of things we like to discuss and read! I will continue to follow your work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you.
      Even better is when we can agree to disagree. It makes things better. You have some interesting articles and points of view which provoke thought.


  2. The use of English language in Australia kind of revealed a huge part of everyday mystery to me. It’s exhilarating to think of your normal day as a widespread search for the real meaning behind the words said by these indviduals around you. Of course, their interests and behaviour can be interpreted, in order to predict the next words or their line of actions, but still, you might have it harder than me, since my mother-tongue does have a kink of providing a very clear system to narrow things down verbally. It’s useful for work, but horrible for the use of common-sense- knowledge, and simple deduction. That may be a point where all the human beings in all these countries think, act, and comprehend things differently, and even have gifts they all are just taking for granted, including me.
    Would be great if these gifts could be identified to use them for our all well-being and development.
    Philo. Greetings,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think your Covid things has potential but it does not quite hit the high points of the song choral. It still is a lot better than I could come up with for mocking the Powers that be.

    Liked by 1 person

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