Albo announces lunar panels and more

In the drive for more renewable technology to be implemented the prime minister has announced that lunar panel technology will be funded by the federal government in a first ever deal between climate scientists, braindead idealists, and the CSIRO. The PM said that charging EV’s overnight had some initial issues revolving around the sun not shining, and his statement to charge your EV overnight had been misunderstood. The science says that the moon is visible due to reflected light from the Sun and that by harnessing this untapped resource EV’s can be charged using moon power and not fossil fuels. The panels, which have to be white instead of the normal black will have to renounce their inherent racism before being allowed to generate electricity.

In other news the research into solar powered submarines is underway and expected to deliver stunning cost blowouts as it has not been determined if refraction caused by water might be a factor in reducing solar efficiency due to climate denial.

An independent panel of carefully selected experts has been formed to decide if they should implement a social media campaign to promote this ground-breaking stealth and climate friendly technology to combat logic and common sense. China announced that if Australia continues down this path of racially based technology that it will have no choice but to reduce the payments delivered to politicians on their payroll. They said that coal imports might be increased in retaliation to this move.

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