A huge pain in the arse

This is one from way back in February 2022 in a Telarah Times article.

For some people the need to be the best at something will drive them to great lengths to acquire this status. It’s when you combine this desire for excellence with two or more hobbies that problems can sometimes be encountered. It can also be massively helpful in the path to being number one for that 15 minutes of fame. This guy did it by combining his hobbies of inserting things into his bottom with military memorabilia. For him maybe not the smartest choice ever.

On a wonderous rainy day this bloke was romancing himself … vigorously. He spied an opportunity to insert an old WW2 shell in his butt to enhance his romantic moment and it went amazingly wrong for him. It seems that the insertion went well, but the extraction became problematic. Not only a trip to hospital to get it removed, but the bomb squad, and media there to see if this would be the world’s biggest, reddest, wet fart ever. Surgeons performing the extraction were hampered by a “barrage” of picture taking by everyone present.

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