Romance isn’t dead

This is an interesting twist on how stuff works out. This “glamorous” lady was doing something naughty to her bloke as they were driving home from a night out, let’s just say it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full. It might have distracted him just a tad which caused him to crash. Yep, it really happened and was in New Zealand.

Fortunately, neither required medical attention. Considering what she had in her mouth at the time that worked out well. The interesting part of this story is she was the passenger and ended up being charged with dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice. Two other charges of driving while disqualified and drink driving were dismissed, which makes her kind of lucky considering the circumstances.

As the story goes, the car crashed and she decided to leg it home. She then got abusive with her neighbours who called the cops. She gave the cops a false name, and a mouthful of empowerment. Just for fun they breath tested her and found out she was as pissed as a newt.

Then they discovered that she was the passenger in the car that crashed up the road. Somewhere along the line they discovered how the driver got distracted enough to crash the car. Most people would think that she would have copped nothing, but seeing she was so nice and sweet with the cops they got inventive and charged her with whatever they could think of at the time.

It isn’t revealed if the bloke driving was charged with anything. The moral of the story is don’t drink and blow.

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