Below is the opening to an essay I have been thinking about recently. It’s about time and how we waste time. I don’t know where this essay will go but for sure it will go into the great deaktop folder of my weird thoughts.

“Once in a lifetime, twice in one day.” Is a line in a song by Talking Heads. It doesn’t make a lot of sense when looked at in isolation until you do something really dull and read the entire lyrics of the song. The song is about time.

Time is free. We are born with a seemingly endless passage of time in front of us and usually with no idea what to do with it.

Time is a gift that we ignore more often than not. As with everything that is free, we squander it as it costs nothing. That is the mistake most people make with time. Sometimes we have all the time in the world to do a thing and with that we waste the time in front of us until the eleventh hour when that time has evaporated and the reality of squandering time is biting us in the arse. It doesn’t matter what it is, it can be an assignment, a relationship, or anything else. Most of us waste the gift we are given in the belief that we have all the time in the world.

It is with the benefit of hindsight, mostly from the perspective of age, that sometimes we realise that time has passed us by, and we are left with the regrets of having wasted the time given to us to achieve our dreams or ambitions. In that, time has given us the gift of being able to look back and finally see the immense value of time and how it has been squandered.

How often have you heard someone say that if they had their time over they would do things differently? I know this as I now have the time to reflect on all the time I have wasted during the course of my life. From when I was young, and time passed slowly in the arrogance of youth, and when time accelerated as it passed and I grew older, time has flown by and it mostly went unnoticed. I now approach my end of time, and with that time has now become the most precious thing in my life. It is only when someone, usually a doctor tells you how much time you might have left that you understand the importance of time.

I write now, as that is one of the few things left to me that I can do with any commitment due simply to the life I have led and the price I have paid for living that life. I’m not going to be rich or famous, I’m not going to do great things, I’m definitely not going to get more time to “suddenly” do something. All that is left is a finite amount of time in which to do something with the resources at hand. One of the prices I have paid is my health and that now limits what I can do … so I write my thoughts down. I know that it the grand scheme of things it will probably count for nothing and be largely unread and unknown, but the simple act of writing my thoughts is the legacy I leave behind.

The question you should ponder upon is what do you want to do with the gift of time that you have been given.

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. So thoughtfully reflected and written. My feel on this is that what you surmised as time you wasted or took for granted was in fact not wasted or squandered because you were fully engaged in your life’s journey path. In times you thought you were void of action, something was transpiring on a spiritual plane that was coloring the texture and purpose of your life. The tiny moments to the big obvious events and challenges in our life all come together in the divine design of who we are and what we are to experience and learn from! Our physicality is but only one part of who we are. I know from your writing that who you are is so much more. Perhaps as you travel on this path of your journey you will find that you are doing exactly what you are being called to do-reflect on your life experiences and share your wisdom! What you are being called to do is exactly what you are doing! No distractions! No reservations! No hesitation or fear! No limits! Just let Spirit move you! Let go and be all of who you were called to be! Have fun expressing! Know that what you share will be received by those that were meant to be blessed by what comes through you! You got this and you have all that you need! Reflect, breathe, and express!

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    1. I regret my poor choices and yet I cannot avoid the consequences of then. Saying that I wouldn’t swap a moment in time as I have a son who will carry my legacy as he has lived through hell along the way. A hell that was of his mothers making which he knows and accepts as his part of his journey in life. As much as I would change this I simply cannot. That is the realisation when you have no choice but to confront your own demise as a result of your actions and the hand you are dealt. As my doctor said I will be lucky to see this decade out. My son has given me less than five years as he sees and hears every day my suffering for my choices in life. I wonder who will win that wager. Yet I don’t regret this as it was my life to live despite the consequences of my choices. I chose this path despite not knowing the cost involved as I was young and dumb back in the day as we all are.


      1. Well, no one really can foretell our future. You can consciously make decisions that can impact the quality and longevity of your life! Choices are choices and we operate and make decisions from where we are in that stage of life! Give up on and let go of the “would of, could of, should have”! These traps do not serve us well. Disease is rooted in the pain of dis-ease! Take it one day at a time! Look into treating your body to things that are healing! Laugh when you can! Cry! Breathe! Write! Spend time with your son! Get into nature! Write! Write! Write!


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