Mick’s Musing 2

I looked out the backdoor this morning and the paddocks across the rail line are more underwater than yesterday, almost an inland sea now. Must have something to do with the rain. By lunchtime the highway and other roads have been cut by water and the house on the mound is not looking real good over the rail line. We can expect the water to rise as the flooding upriver flows down over the next few days and the rain continues.

Last night was difficult with pain which isn’t new, but never fails to be a drag. Today should be a blast. I like to use sarcasm as it distracts me from myself at times.

Living in a house built in the early 1940’s means that it ages poorly. My son is busy with washing the walls in a vinegar wash to get rid of mould. Amazing stuff is vinegar as it has a lot of uses and one of those is that it actually kills mould spores. It also makes hot chips so much nicer.

I watch as prices rise and the discussions on interest rate rises. A topic that is poorly presented by the media who in the search for sensationalism tell us one day it is sunshine and lollipops, then the next day the sky is falling. So many people today have not experienced hard times and this will be difficult for them as they learn to cope with what comes. That’s the problem with hard times in that you have no choice but to cope with what confronts you. Complaining is fun but really achieves very little.

It worry’s and comforts me that this is the world my son will be stepping into as he looks to make his way in the world. The worry is the unknown so far as no-one can predict how bad things will get. The comfort is that when you live through hard times you are better equipped to deal with the little things that we turned into big things over the last few decades.

I have been watching a series called “Future Man” which uses an old theme on time travel but with an entertaining storyline. The first episode sets the scene for the series and it is crude and funny all at once. None of it makes sense and that’s what makes it so good. Go have a look and decide for yourself.

Anyway, I’m settling in for a few days of floods safe in the knowledge that the water cannot rise to where my house is.

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