Mick’s Musing 1

I read a lot of blogs and maybe I’m a glutton for punishment as I read all sorts of posts from a myriad of views and beliefs. As simple and comfy it would be to just read the stuff I align with, it would be a fragile comfort. I read a wide spectrum and have found that the most consistent posts are from those who just talk about their day to day life in one area or another. Refarmer is one of my favourites.

I thought it might be interesting to just write about my day to day stuff when the mood takes me.

It’s pouring down here today, and we are looking at rain for most of the week. Already the paddocks across the rail line are steadily going underwater. The house on the mound is slowly becoming an island as happens we we get a lot of rain.

This sort of rain is what we used to call “raining cats and dogs”. I was staring out the window and thinking about that. Pets would be so much cheaper if that literally happened. Insurance claims would be up, and walking in the rain would be decidedly unpleasant.

In the real world my boy helped me plant out the next round of spuds, and he put the snowpea seeds in the ground. Just in time for the rain to come. I would have liked to get the next round of carrots going and bung some more spring onion seeds in but that can wait for a break in the rain. I was going to grow broccoli this winter but have been a bit slack about getting the ground sweetened up in that bed for planting out.

I experienced fuel rage when I fuelled up last week. Okay, a pensioners fuel up of $20, as that is the weekly fuel budget for me. I got nearly 11 litres for that which sucks a bit. I can only imagine those who have to drive a lot each week as fuel prices would be hitting them harder. The lovely young girl at our local shop told me she is now putting $100 a week in her car and was finding it hard to make ends meet on top of all the other price rises. Makes it hard for me to complain.

Inflation is increasing and grocery shopping is more a matter of cutting corners every week to make that money go as far as it can. Especially with a hungry teenager and late night kitchen raids. Me, like so many are quietly worried about the next electricity bill as that is tipped to rise faster than an ICBM.

It is easy to focus on only the bad stuff and forget to find the good stuff.

I can grow a lot of my vegetables which is good for me, and my neighbours, as I give the excess away. We needed rain, and now have it in torrents. The rain also means it is a little bit warmer here than it has been for the past couple of weeks. I have good neighbours who keep an eye on me due to my health problems. My landlord was my employer many years ago and am blessed that he and his wife have been generous enough to make it possible for us to have a roof over our heads without the huge rents that most people pay. My son wants to be a plumber and that’s good for any parent to see their child have a plan. Also it means if he nails it, and is any good, he will never be out of work and will make a good living. What more can a parent want for their kids as they make their way in the world?

So often these days we neglect the silver linings and only look at the clouds hovering over us. Sometimes you just have to stand back and take stock of your lot in life to find those silver linings.

8 thoughts on “Mick’s Musing 1

  1. Aww… Thank you for the compliment!

    Rain sure can be a mixed blessing, eh? 😀

    I admit a touch of envy reading about your gardening efforts. The very idea of being able to grow a garden *in the winter*. !!! Swwooooonnn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rain is like that. I’m fine where I am yet others are getting flooded.

      Now to grow a winter garden declare yourself a persecuted minority and demand the government fix the climate around your place. Then denounce them as having cropaphobia and being weatherist. Then some gentle rioting to politely state your case. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They were talking about doing that in Victoria because they reckon it was a bio-hazard or something. You couldn’t make this stuff up … and am so glad I don’t live in Victoria.


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