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I was reading the news and the bile was rising in my throat. Not a new thing but sadly familiar with media in general.

Then it was on to politicians and their love/hate relationship with media.

I reckon it would be fantastic if a politician was giving a press release and none of the journos asked a single question. Just silence.

That would screw with so many people on so many levels it would be worth the effort.

I wrote in my weekly newspaper about this before the Australian election on Saturday in regards to how people are so short-sighted in this modern world. How people rarely reflect on what they had experienced as they are swayed by the rehtoric of those who desire to influence their position. This goes for all sides of politics, as it is the way of things.

Perhaps it is my Aspergers that allows me to see things from both sides. I cannot say whether a ‘disability’ gives me insight or not. What I know is true is that history repeats and that history seldom records a positive result from radical change. Look at the French revolution, the Russian revolution of 1917, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, the Khemer Rouge, and the list goes on and on. It never ends well for the average person. Before you verhemently disagree go beyond Google and look at actual history. You remember that weird thing that just presented facts.

I have had more than a few comments on a few paragraphs I wrote in my newspaper. I had included them as a throw away comment on the comparisons between now and then. This is what I wrote.

“The 80’s was a time of inflation, high interest rates, global uncertainty, and shortages due to rolling strikes. Yet that decade absolutely shits on this one. You have to ask yourself what happened between then and now?

Even the music was good, cringy, but good. We had a sense of humour and could laugh at ourselves. We had hope for the future and not the catastrophic gloom of modern times. We had a national identity and an unsaid, but definite pride in our country. We seem to have lost that along the way from then to now, which is incredibly sad.”

Those who lived through the 70’s and 80’s were reminded of those times and those that had not simply did not believe that this was so. That provides an interesing take on how people quickly forget the times that came before them.

We wax lyrical about depressions and world wars safe in the comfort of looking at the past. How will we view these things when we have no choice but to live through them? For those who stridently cry that we will never experience these things again are sadly deluded as humanity is a cyclical thing.

With nearly 60 years of experience under my belt I observe the world from a position of experience and knowledge of what has come before. It doesn’t make me special or brilliant, rather it makes me a person who can look back at ‘then’ and compare it to ‘now’ in the big picture of humanity.

I grew up in a time of when family was the core of society. When we had nothing and asked for nothing as kids, as the middle class were nothing more than ‘battlers’ trying to carve out a life. I knew rolling strikes, lining up for essentials as they were on a roster system. I knew about brown-outs, black-outs, and fuel rationing as our energy supply was at the whim of unions and insufficient funding. We learnt resiliance at an early age along with determination and the desire to build a life. That desire is still alive for many but much of the qualities required have been dilluted by modernity and good times.

We have lived in a world of instant gratification for nearly 20 years and that is what has made us weak. Western society is suffering from the hubris of this and we in time will experience the other side of the coin with hardship, sacrifice, and suffering. This is also historically true despite any who care to disagree. It is simply humanity at work.

4 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. You make some point here Mick that I cannot disagree with – in fact, I agree. Comfort and gratification of any need has I think definitely made us soft. The young have not developed coping strategies and perhaps it is our fault for trying to smooth the way for them – curling parent, Danish folk calls us. It is natural to want better conditions and a life for your children, but it seems that challenges are necessary if we are to learn problem solving strategies. Youth suicide and depression rates indicate a sense of despair in young people. Why? There are many problems to face, but this is not a new phenomenon. All ages have had greater or lesser challenges. In making life better, we, along with teachnology have made ourselves, soft and lazy.


    1. I think the rest of this decade will see some real hardship for people. The economic decline is inevitable and most likley unstoppable now despite all the spin by media and politicians. America is in a fast decline and they will export that around the world.

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      1. I hope you are wrong Mick, but hardship does seem inevitable. I suppose that is the ultimate outcome of capitalism at work. (I am not advocating other isms, just noting).
        The rich gets richer and the rich needs a bigger underclass to support their wealth. Everyone wants a bite of the cherry ( a share of the market) and their business to grow but all the economies can’t all grow perpetually as resources are finite!


      2. Currently we are facing another moment in history. “Let them eat cake” is one of the most recognised traits of the French revolution. Many think cake means cake but in reality it means eat shit when you compare this with the vocabulary of the era.. That is what we as humanity now face given the machinations of modern politics. It is a tangled web that is designed to confuse and divide the masses while profiting the elites and the ‘useful idiots’ who push this. You only have to look to America and the rehtric they use to describe what is happening. This is the “transition”.

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