ABBA – eat ya heart out

I’m having a pretty good Easter Monday here in Malfunction Junction. I went metal detecting with my neighbour in the park where they used to hang people back in the day. We got sweet FA but ‘canslaw’ and mystery metal but it was more about boytime where we spit, fart, and tell lies knowing that bullshit is just bullshit. Good times.

Yesterday his wife gave me a bottle of her multi-purpose spray she makes from her own recipe and it’s the real deal. It is the best stuff I’ve ever used and no harsh chemicals. Oh and it was free so that makes it more betterer.

I made my teenage son bath as he smelt like unwashed buttocks and it was like my nostrils doing a few rounds with a prizefighter.

I’ve been listening to one hit wonders and anthem songs from back before electricty, or the 80’s as we old folk call it. You may have read about it in the history books. We had elastic wind-up cars, nylon body shirts and flairs. Panelvans were called shagging wagons and it was a status symbol to own Ugg boots but only if you wore them in summer. We sure had it together in those heady times.

I thought I’d share three songs that are still toe tappers today and in some regards reflect the era. In many regards it was a simpler time even though we still lived in uncertain times.

Martha and the Nuffins – Echo Beach
Asia – Heat of the moment
The Trammps – Disco Inferno

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