That didn’t age well

Caroonists have a special way of putting across a point of view. Some are blatantly biased while others seem to be a vision of the future. Either way this is a trip down memory lane from 2020 to present on how these times were seen by some.

4 thoughts on “That didn’t age well

    1. I was aiming at highlighting the hypocrisy of our leaders globally that are hellbent on an agnda of profit at the expense of all us little people.

      Sad isn’t it?


  1. Honesty is always the first casualty in war and apparently health is as well if the last two years are anything to go by. I remember being told to hate the “gooks” and then to hate the “diggers” in the Vietnam era. It didn’t make sense to a young me back then and it makes no sense now. And I enlisted in ’82 just 7 years after we finished our bit in Vietnam.


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