Cry Havoc

Is it just me or does it seem like some leaders are very keen for a war that has the potential to consume the world yet once again?

I could write volumes on this but decided that a bit of a look backwards in time to when the world was filled with uncertainty, hate, and division would be better presented by the cartoons of the time and it is surprisingly similar to current events over the past couple of years.

This would be the modern version of cry havoc

15 thoughts on “Cry Havoc

  1. It just seems to never end. Why are we as human beings on this planet still so behind in our evolution that we keep trying to conquer and take things that are not ours. Why is war always still our “go to response” to respond to greed and aggressive self righteous -“I want what you have cause I want it and more and more…For God’s sake! Man has not gotten the message yet! “You can’t have what is not yours”! They are still battling on the playground! And as for women- when are we going to come into our own and say and do what we know we are suppose to do! We have never stepped up to the plate and been or done what God intended for us to do and be in the human equation! Enough is enough! It never works through war and the peace is always temporary! First time in decades the US has not been engaged in war! And now what? How can we survive putting our people in the conditions that war results in? Our Vets come home to us like the “walking dead”! On this President’s day in the US, I call for the big brains in the world to find another route to solving Russian greed – other than war!😡


    1. Every species will fight for survival. It’s a inherent part of life. We just managed to evolve to the point we are because of that trait and our demise may well be due to that inherent genetic imperitive. Weird huh?

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      1. But I believe that those traits of aggression, greed, lust for wealth vs love and concern for humanity were not what we inherited in our original nature in terms of living harmoniously with one another. These urges are demonstrations of a cancerous disease that has infected our human physicality and it is up to those of us that are “awake and still connected to “Great Spirit”, to unfold the truth of who we were meant to be and must return to if humanity and this magnificent planet is to not just survive but thrive!


      2. You’re right and wrong at the same time which also is a statement on the frailty of humanity.
        I do agree with you that the “bad” side of humanity is manifest and degrades from the “good” side of humanity. This balance/inbalance has defined our species for thousands of years and has become the norm.
        My point with this post was to illustrate how dumb we are as a species as we fail to learn the very lessons we created in the belief that it can be different this time when it is nothing more than rinse and repeat.

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      3. I pray that we evolve beyond our human imperfection when it comes to creating a better world for our children void of mass criminal activities, war, incurable diseases, racism, classism, all the isms that keep us from being our highest and best selves! I believe there are more people like you and me we just need to be in the right place at the right time using our big hearts to drown out the noise of those who have detached from their souls!
        Thank you as always for engaging in an intelligent and relevant conversation!


      4. I have the same desires as you but tempered with the simple reality that humanity is flawed and will probably never learn as greed and power are powerful motivators which degrade everything else of value.

        Are you still enjoying my weekly newspaper?

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  2. Ive been occupied with my son who is an Aspy (like me) and struggling with the world he lives in and also with my newspaper which is consuming a chunk of my time. I’ll check and see but to the best of my knowledge you are in the weekly email for the newspaper.


    1. All good I’m just using the hotmail address linked to your blog so it is weird if you are not getting them. Getting close to 200 subscribers after just 10 editions so it must be okay considering the stuff I come out with in the paper.


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