Remember when smoking was good for you?

Always follow the science.
Vital part of dental hygiene too
Prevents sore throats
I’m doing this next year
A win, win situation

It’s always nice to stroll down memory lane. Smoking was good for you, asbestos was a wonder material, big block V8’s were desirable, playing cricket on the street and cars slowed down while you got out of the way. For all the crappy stuff it was a good time to be alive.

One of the downsides was the size of batteries. Fortunately some smart people figured out how to make batteries smaller. Imagine the size of your smartphone if they hadn’t.

11 thoughts on “Remember when smoking was good for you?

  1. Was the ad for Winston cigarettes being good for pregnant mothers real or was it “Photo Shopped” for humor? If real, it is beyond comprehension as to why any company would make this up or why anyone would believe it!


  2. This gives “holy smokes” a whole new meaning.
    But seriously, what in the world?!
    I’m apparently too young to understand the past I didn’t experience…
    Somehow ironic, isn’t it?
    Welp, Philo. Greetings,

    P.S.: I do not smoke. But frankly, sometimes I think that my old posts could only come from a person who smoked a whole bunch of hardcore weed while writing…lol


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