Fake News Alert

Okay I should have titled this “Shameless Self Promotion” as I am going to promote a little project I started a few weeks back.

Lots of people have experienced strange feelings of rage, anxiety, or depression at times when watching, reading, or listening to news over the past few years. I know I have and it is kind of irritating.

In the spirit of that old saying, “Don’t get mad, get even” I decided that I would start my own newspaper and report stuff the way I want to.

From that fit of whimsy the Telarah Times was born.

The Telarah Times is your best source for fake news free from any journalistic integrity, facts, reality, or truth. Our massive team of one scours the internet and media outlets to ensure that we can locate and report on the absolute crap that gets spewed out and then rebrand it into something that makes no sense at all and can result in laughter.

To get your weekly copy of the Telarah Times email us at telarahtimes@gmail.com and I will include you in the mailing list.

11 thoughts on “Fake News Alert

  1. I just read newsletters 3 and 4 – quite impressive. Anything similar to The Onion is worthy of praise. Putting those together must take a lot of time. I wish I knew half as much about Australia as you do about the U.S.!

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    1. Thanks Jim.
      Believe it or not I can put an issue together in one day if it wasn’t for me constantly changing my mind.
      America is the petrie dish for the next bad thing to happen to the West in the past few years so it pays to keep a track of what happens there.
      Mind you Australia has become the poster child for what authoritarian rule looks like in a democracy the past couple of years.


  2. I just never have a clue what you will come up with next! This is fun and God knows we need a little levity to keep us sane!!😊👍🏼


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