Something that has probably been questioned by people who are endowed with a modicum of critical thinking.

When did vaccination status override testing negative for covid? Personally, I would be more comfortable with people who tested negative rather than positive, regardless of if they are vaccinated or not.

The data and media reports of how vaccinated people can get and transmit the virus is somehow overridden by the hype of the vax vs anti-vax dialogue which is replete with hyperbole, vitriol, and subjective views which range from the reasonable to the outrageous.

There was a news article (Daily Mail) of some woman having a wedding and wanting to isolate the unvaccinated at a separate table to reduce the risk of exposure from the virus.

Using simple logic this is flawed as the “science” admits that despite vaccination you can contract and transmit the virus. So, what the hell does isolating people based on vaccination status provide anything but an imagined perception of being protected from the virus.

Extrapolating this premise means that jabbed are safe and un-jabbed are unsafe regardless of if they have the virus or not. Regardless of which “camp” you reside in it simply makes no sense as you cannot spread a virus if you don’t have it, and the reverse is true.

Simple logic dictates that a negative test would be more appropriate, yet this is largely ignored in the hype of the times as promoted by media and politicians who want to keep the dream alive as it suits their stance.

Basically, it is segregation based on fear and not logic.

Politicians and media have a lot to answer for as they pursue their own agendas bereft of simple logic and instead based in hyperbole and fear.

The argument that the unvaccinated are the threat is diminished when you look at the available data as the vaccinated, as well as the unvaccinated, are now spreading the variants due entirely to the rules exercised by multiple governments globally. Explain this if you will. How can a person who is healthy, with no virus, can be a threat to your health regardless of vaccination status? The rule of diminishing returns can be used in this instance as logic overrides perception.

To use an old phrase; “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” rings true as it describes a corruption or a situation when something is wrong.

The detractor’s argument of vaccinations make you safe, yet the premise remains that if you are safe then why would you be in fear of unvaccinated folk if you are “
protected”? Surely your vaccination status would be protection enough if the official doctrine is sufficient. Then those evil unvaccinated scum would be beneath you and destined to die a horrible and painful death, and you will have productive and enlightened life because you are jabbed. It makes no sense despite that people are acting irrationally due entirely to messaging aimed at this division.

Perhaps I may be missing something in the debate, yet the argument of protection falls short when inspected. Protection is subjective given available data and personal opinion over available information and common-sense seems to be the new normal. The recent spread of Omicron currently seems to be the great hope for managing this virus as it is more transmissable yet less lethal. Despite this data slowly coming out the push for more and more booster shots is concerning as the messaging on vaccinces is that they fall dramatically in efficacy after 8 to 10 weeks so you need to get boosters. It seems that politicians globally are determined to keep the pandemic alive regardless of the cost to humanity.

Perhaps it is due to me being an Asperger who thinks differently to many people and view thing differently.

6 thoughts on “Ironic

  1. Haha, yeah nah, many folks of all walks and talks of life I know think in that very same way. To be honest, sadly I think we are observing a path of incompetence and ill prepared politics rather than anything fishy going on in the state of Denmark. Sad because at least if there was an agenda then they’d have some sort of clue as to what they were doing but this whole affair looks more like a bulldog’s breakfast than anything even half baked or prepared for.. Most politicians are a bunch of Wallies many politicians will perhaps agree and as you say, power has a way of becoming a blind, benign addiction even to the folks who pride themselves otherwise. The tribalism of the Jab was pure tribalism and without any conscious, or logical thought beyond the rhetoric of main stream propaganda.. Nah, your thinking is fine mate.

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  2. In simple terms, yes your logic is sound, however I think that if you are vaccinated, it is more likely that you will have a milder form of the contagion. A milder form means that you might cough, sneeze and spread less droplets of germs around – and therefore, transmit less virus to another. The unvaccinated could also have a mild case, but it is more likely that they will be severely infected and be sicker, and possibly spreading it for longer as it will be much more virulent if they have no immunity against it at all. Seating unvaccinated in a wedding at a different table may help but it would be so small as to not really count. I would exclude them altogether if they wanted to be safe. A negative test would be much safer way to segregate, as you alluded.


    1. I was talking to my son about this earlier as he is a bit puzzled by the state of play with the virus and the responses. This year, at the least the first quarter may well tell the pandemic story depending what happens with Omicron and the reality of having to learn to live with it. It could be the end of the entire damn thing or the start of something not nice. Time will tell.
      Regardless we cannot keep doing the crap of the past 2 years as the impacts of strangling the economy and fracturing society simply doesn’t have any happy ending.

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  3. I have linked with you because I see many interesting things on this site and this article is one of them. It is a sorry situation. There is also talk that we must all carry a COVID passport. I agree that pandemic has been ugly and devastating but a passport is an overkill and an invasion of our privacy. This is a sad time for humanity and I pray welcome out on the other side of this mess as better people with more humility and compassion.

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    1. We live in a scarey world right now and fortunately people are slowly waking up to the BS. Yet it may be too little too late as many people are cheering on oppression.

      If you want a laugh flick me a message via my contact page and I will put you on my email list for my newspaper. The banner is “Your best source of fake news”. I rip the mickey out of everything and at no point allow facts to get in the way of my journalistic integrity.

      Basically the whimsical side of me versus the more serious side of me in my blog posts.

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