Vaxx vs Unvaxxed

The push for allowing ‘freedoms’ for fully vaccinated people and denying ‘freedoms’ to those who are unvaccinated is one of the hot topics currently in Australia. It is being promoted by our political class and media, and as with anything to do with the virus it is creating a divide within society and within segments of our political class.

Without mincing words this is segregation pure and simple regardless of how any care to describe it. Anything that creates different standards within a society dependent on differences, regardless of those differences, is segregation. Apartheid in South Africa was segregation based on skin colour, Hitler’s Germany experienced the most perverse form of segregation against Jews as it resulted in a determined attempt at genocide. These two examples are perhaps the best-known examples in modern times with Hitler’s actions being the one most used in arguments currently.

Once more the political push is fracturing society and creating divides, and that alone is reprehensible. To segregate people on a health basis is currently illegal under Australian and international laws. Therefore, to make such a thing legal and enforceable would logically mean that the laws would need to be changed to allow this. What is horrible is how supporters of a vaccine passport are becoming absolutely rabid in their mindset and really want to go over the top to ‘protect’ themselves from the unvaccinated. That mindset is seriously flawed to say the least.

The thought that comes to my mind is that if this segregation is enacted and does result in changes to discrimination laws then what else would be allowed once that has happened?

I hold a view on this as anyone would and my opinion is that any form of segregation and discrimination is to be avoided given the history of humanity. Human history has a long and dark record of what happens when things like this are allowed to prosper and it never ends well.

I could rabbit on about the legal and moral reasons on this subject while quoting moments in history where humanity has divided people based on prejudice’s but have decided that such a path in this essay is most likely pointless. What is worth pointing out is the absurd freedoms presented by our political leaders and how opening this Pandora’s Box could very well lead us down one of those dark path’s we humans travel.

Right now the freedoms for the vaccinated to ‘enjoy’ are apparently going to be that they can go to the pub and have a few beers, go to sporting events and entertainment venues, restaurants, and get a haircut. That seems a somewhat pathetic carrot to dangle in front of a population so it takes little to see that if people still decide to not get vaccinated for whatever reason then the freedoms given to the vaccinated and denied to the unvaccinated will have to be increased to force people to do something that they either don’t want or cannot have due to health reasons.

Another consideration is that if society is segregated on the basis of one thing then it makes it easier for society to be further segregated on other things. This is particularly so when segregation has the enthusiastic support of people. Once segregation has become part of the identity of a country, as history illustrates, then the application of that segregation takes on a life of its own and always in negative ways.

Now for some simple facts that are becoming apparent from other countries over the course of 2021, particularly over the past few months.

The vaccine does not stop anyone from getting or transmitting this virus. All it does is reduce the severity of the virus, that has never been disputed yet it has been downplayed at times to push a point. The virus is mutating, and it is yet to be decided if the new class of vaccines are part of the problem regards mutations as only time will answer that question. The vaccine is not the wonder cure that it was initially promoted as, hence the need for booster shots. The unknown question with the current vaccines is will populations need to have booster shots at regular time intervals and for how long. This is the first time in modern history that a vaccine has been rushed into distribution without the standard testing regimes applied to the best of my knowledge.

One other thing to consider when something is rabidly promoted as safe for use is a medication widely used in the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s. Thalidomide was prescribed for pregnant women as a sedative and treatment for morning sickness and promoted as completely safe for this use, except it simply wasn’t so. If you want to know about the impacts of thalidomide on babies do a simple web search to find out more. Here is a link if you wish to read about it;

Other countries have already rebelled against vaccine passports which is interesting as this means that populations have decided that segregation is a bad thing, and that political influence can be changed to reflect the wishes of the people as opinion changes.

Australia is most likely going to go down the vaccine passport path with carrots being dangled to make it palatable. Just as with lockdowns nothing remains popular forever as the impacts to society become unpalatable. Sadly for Australia we have politicians drunk on power who will do and say anything to hold and extend that power. Australia will see more repression courtesy of our leaders, and as evidenced with the lockdowns we are still experiencing they will drag their feet on doing the right thing in the hope that they can hold their power.

I’m closer to the end than the beginning of my time on this planet and consider that to be a blessing given the way the world has changed and become a less pleasant place to live. I worry for the young and the generation yet to come as they will inherit the mess we have created in just a few short years.

I wonder how future generations will view the actions of the past few years. I doubt it will be viewed as one of those golden times for humanity. I feel that future generations will judge us harshly before this moment in human history is largely forgotten, just as other moments in history are forgotten.

13 thoughts on “Vaxx vs Unvaxxed

  1. God Bless you all in Australia and everyone all over the world. Many people see what’s happening and it won’t stand. How long it will go on, is up to the people. If everyone stands up, they can’t continue this crazy show.
    We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift and everyone gets to decide which way to go.
    Bless us everyone. I pray joyful prayers of thanks for your safety, health and peace of mind during this intense time.
    Sending much Love, soothing, peace, ease, and flow.


  2. Hello from the UK

    Good post, thank you. As regards thalidomide, did you know that apparently they still use it in certain applications! I hate to think what is does to people, as these drugs are by and large neuor-toxins and pointless at best when you can heal with wholesome food with the essential vitamins and minerals.

    The vaccination passport is merely a way to divide society and distract from the real matter that vaccines themselves are a game of Russian roulette. They may give you an adrenaline kick at the excitement of having them but a % of the shots will injure or kill.

    The other matter going on is the acceleration of digitisation and stealing of money into the hands of the mega-rich.

    I have a diagnosis of cancer from the NHS which I know to be faulty as I have chemical poisoning via sodium nitrite (E250), a legal preservative in food. I now avoid it like the plague!

    I am nevertheless considered extremely vulnerable by the NHS which as my Welsh brother-in-law might put it, is a load of dingo’s kidneys.

    Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu until re-branding last year, is the internal toxicosis of the body, partly due to metabolism of food and partly due to the many poisons in our environment which can and do enter our bodies in the air, food and water.

    So it it is not possible to ‘catch it’. You can be fearful however, and fear will restrict or shut down your immune system. The real pandemic is vitamin D deficiency due to an increase in indoor living and working.

    I explain much on my site if you or anyone else is interested. This might be suitable place to start.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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    1. Yeah I know Thalidomide is still in use but strictly controlled and for specific uses due to its toxicity.
      My reference was highlighting a drug that was promoted globally and prescribed with abandon for conditions it was unsuited to.
      Further, it demonstrated what happens when something is distributed broadly without having conducted enough testing over a sufficient period of time to determine not just the efficy of the drug but the spectrum and degree of side affects from the drug.
      With thalidomide it took years for the bad news to come to light and even then it took years of fighting to have it acknowledged.

      Think for a moment that tobacca was once good for you and recommended by doctors and then it became bad for you after enough evidence piled up that couldn’t be covered up or ignored. The simple fact is that tobacco is bad for you and always has been and advertising told us something else.
      A lot of people are too young or too ignorant to remember stuff like this.


      1. Thalidomide is still a neuro-toxin and pointless. It was marketed by a German company at the start. German companies are substantially behind current vaccines.

        The same problem occurs as always and the vaccines are causing harm and some deaths.

        The issue behind tobacco is not as straightforward as it has been made out to be. The hazards include the plastics in filters for example and the various chemicals used in processing or added to the raw tobacco.

        One has to ask why tobacco was given such a bad press when it is the huge volume of toxic plastics in our environment that are more problematical, together with the toxins from diesel fumes etc. These are being focused on now I am glad to say.


  3. Very well written. Wish I could write as well. More important, the author seems to be well versed and experienced on the matter. Now if we can just get the info to a few million more people, especially if we can do it before they become brainwashed.


  4. Moderna gave me heart inflammation and I nearly died over the course of several months. Still recovering. No booster shot ever for me. I’m scared for the world but many are waking up in the US. Unfortunately, many of my comrades are dying by suicide. I’m trying to stay strong and alive and even though I traded my M16 for ink and pen, I can still pop off a 9 mil if need be. Less kickback. My eyes are opened and my paranoia at an all time high. But tides are beginning to turn here, mandates are being removed. Lawsuits are coming. Hang tuff. I saw y’all were protesting, but not on the news, and I can’t believe anything I see or hear these days. Stay safe x


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