Same Shit Different Day

Enough to know

There are so many topics to touch upon today that it has become somewhat impossible to figure out where to begin. First things first, this technological dinosaur has embedded two songs that kind of relate to the sentiment of this article.

Here in sunny lockdown Australia this morning the news is the same old, same old mixture of Covid, case numbers, pro and anti vaxxers, road maps out of lockdown, more repressive lockdowns, useless politicians, the Taliban, and glamorous influencers.

The only interesting thing is that OnlyFans apparently wants to eliminate pornographic content on their site. Strange that a site that has been built on boobs, bums, and dicks wants to eradicate most of its business model, but I’m not complaining as it is amusing to imagine that any business would willingly destroy itself in the interests of removing porn from the internet. After all the internet is the home of sober and responsible values hosted and monitored by responsible people above any moral reproach. Now if you believe that then I’d like to interest you in some investment schemes that will make you rich overnight.

I’m feeling kind of jaded as we finish yet another week of lockdown and society fractures just that little bit more due to conflicting messages and opinions being spewed by all and sundry.

I feel that the truth has died in current times as it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine fact from fantasy anymore. A quote by Mark Twain sums it up nicely,

‘It is easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled.’

The amount of conflicting bullshit that is being fed to Australians is amazing and I wager that if our political and media class had a meeting and voted that tomorrow they would only present the truth of the matter regardless of what that is then no-one would believe them.

It is kind of like when you realise that masturbating will not send you blind and that your parents had lied to you about that one. For a time you still wonder if they might be wrong as they suddenly changed the message they had been feeding you. It takes time to understand that they simply did not want you playing with yourself in public, just like picking your nose and eating snot in public, as is not socially acceptable, yet kids just find these things irresistible.

It seems that restrictions and lockdowns are the new fascinations for a great many with no regard as to why. This fascination is on both sides regardless of if you are for or against this sort of authoritarian control.

For those that wish to label or condemn me just take note that I have not presented my opinion on the entire pandemic response or vaccines. I’m talking about the ways in which information is controlled and distributed with no regard to what was said yesterday and what will be said tomorrow.

So regardless of country. How do you feel today with the state of your nation and the world?

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