Antipodean Angst -part 7

The Infiltration of the Public Consciousness

‘Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.’ – Mark Twain

The public consciousness, or psyche, is predictable and anything predictable is subject to manipulation.

So, what is meant by predictable?

Simply put public opinion, or the public psyche, is predictable given the information input by various means. In this modern age information input is largely driven by mainstream media and social media, both of which are subject to manipulation of the information presented. The dumbing down of population has made the easy path the path more preferable as critical inspection of events is a subject too difficult for many.

It is necessary to factor in a simple human condition, being that the acceptance of any new idea is fuelled by public approval or disapproval, regardless of if the new idea is good or bad. The view of the public will always win out, particularly if it is in accord with the agenda of the promoter. If the promoter of an agenda is determined, then they will engage in a campaign to alter the public view by any means necessary when public opinion doesn’t agree with the agenda.

Factor that with the long-term strategy that has implemented a new ideology, being PC culture, and it becomes clear that the collective consciousness of society has been redirected from one moral value set to another. It becomes clear that society has been redirected from one way of thinking to another way of thinking, and in the reallocation of the meanings of words to facilitate this.

A simple explanation is that the individual, meaning you, is a product of the society in which you inhabit. The perception of individuality of choice and decision is somewhat a fallacy as individual choice and decision is subject to the environment the individual inhabits and the manipulation of those that desire change based on their agenda.

Reference an earlier comment in this essay being that the altering of the public psyche began in the 1990’s, some thirty years ago. At first it was considered a laughable joke, being political correctness. Time has passed and it has now evolved from a laughable joke to being the mainstream thought process within society.

Consider that tolerance now creates intolerance, that equality creates inequality, that inclusion creates exclusion and that is all done under the mantle of PC culture, the new ideology.

The overwhelming public consciousness has no tangible reference point to what once was and in fact ridicule and deride the old moral value system, as it suits, as it has absolutely no relevance to them. Yet there is a yearning for those days of old that appear to be simpler and easier than the current society.

Think on that if you will.

The overwhelming public consciousness has no tangible reference point to what once was.

Consider this and then reflect.

The public psyche has a current moral value set which even as they embrace it are repulsed by aspects of it. This repulsion is only experienced when the moral value set of PC culture impacts on an individual’s life or their own personal world view. By way of example you need only look to cancel culture as the means by which PC culture eradicates any threat to the ideology. Mostly the population mutter quietly but do nothing as in the first instance the person or thing being cancelled has little to no direct impact into their life. In the second instance, it is prudent to maintain a silence as this is the way in which the individual avoids coming under scrutiny and risks being a target. Finally, if the individual holds a position of power then a vocal, public acceptance is required in order to avoid becoming a target. In other times this was known as cowardice.

In short, submission is the only means by which an individual can avoid being a target.

Yet this methodology is fundamentally wrong. It has been proven throughout history that acquiescence to any oppressive regime or ideology results in hardship and suffering.

So why does humanity not learn, and instead repeat a fundamentally wrong methodology regardless of the ideology?

There are a variety of factors at play in why individuals and populations remain silent and submit. This is a complex subject and by no means an easy subject. It relates directly to the human psyche and both the good and evil sides of the psyche and people both collectively and individually.

 To have the capacity to explore the human psyche, an individual has to explore their own psyche and confront all sides of it and their actions as a result. To have this capacity is to have the ability for self-inspection in a critical fashion unbiased by personal opinion of self. Regretfully, many people are unable or unwilling to undertake such a task as it requires strength of character. It is however, one of the cornerstones necessary for the building of wisdom.

To understand how this impacts on Australia it requires an inspection of what has been written in this essay. Education, politics, commerce, and social interaction have been altered by the implementation of PC culture and as such the public consciousness has been changed. From this inspection it is up to you to delve into the research to credit or discredit my words. It is all out there and all that is needed is the desire and conviction to not just click on the first link but scroll down and inspect multiple sources, visit a library and open a book. Is that a task too hard?

The very way that the spoken and written language of this country is exercised currently demonstrates that simple, direct language has been replaced by convoluted language. Explanations, apologies, and excuses have become common prefixes to conversation. The result of which is that a simple message is often lost in the prefixes or the impact of the message is diluted to insignificance.

To clarify;

A torrent of verbal sewage, designed to describe nothing, flushing away the substance of the message in the sewage of verbosity.

Messages have also become subject to interpretation and language has become weaponised in that the focus on a word, statement, or phrase can and does become the focus of the argument and twisted out of context. More often than not simple statements are dissected and analysed into oblivion.

Orwell summed it up thus;

‘If thought can corrupt language, then language can corrupt thought.’

‘Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.’

Those two phrases sum up the intent of PC culture. It is the infiltration into the public consciousness of a thought process designed to achieve an outcome. When we as a people lack the courage to confront this assault on our intelligence and common-sense, we enable and in turn hand over our power to those who do not deserve it.

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