Antipodean Angst – part 2

Political Correctness

‘We are all drowning in filth. When I talk to anyone or read the writings of anyone who has any axe to grind, I feel that intellectual honesty and balanced judgement have simply disappeared from the face of the earth. Everyone’s thought is forensic, everyone is simply putting a ‘case’ with deliberate suppression of his opponent’s point of view, and, what is more, with complete insensitiveness to any sufferings except those of himself and his friends.’ – George Orwell

In order to inspect the current climate and conditions, both politically and societal it is necessary to look back to the 1990’s and the advent of modern political correctness, as this is the point in history whereby the social and political course of Australia changed course from one value set to the current value set.

Superficial research indicates that political correctness (PC) began as an in-joke on the left, radical American campuses acting out an ironic replay of the ‘Bad Old Days – BS (Before the Sixties) when every revolutionary group had a party line about everything’. Somehow this is rather simplistic and further inspection as to the origins was required.

The advent of political correctness is anecdotally ascribed to having come from the American liberal model having come out of California, as mentioned. The actual origins of this are somewhat unknown and the waters of this origin are muddied with the passage of time, however it can be traced back to 1793 in written records used in a Supreme Court case in America which was a lawyer playing with words to prove a point. Further back in time to ancient Greece there are references to debates on tolerance which could be considered the first recorded instance of PC culture.

What is known is that the current version of PC culture has its roots in the Marxist-Leninist vocabulary of 1917. It was used to describe adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

PC culture is the term used to describe language, policies, or measures designed to avoid causing offense or disadvantage to people or groups within society in the current, modern definition. While wordier and more polite, they are surprisingly similar to the Marxist-Leninist definition.

The best definition of PC culture is this:

“A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end. “– Attributed to a student at Texas A&M University pre 2006 

As mentioned, the exact origins of current PC culture are unknown, yet they went from being an object of ridicule, and over the passage of years has become the base upon which the current mainstream ideology has been built.

Regardless, PC culture has evolved into being the prevalent, mainstream culture which has become the vehicle by which the current political and social attitudes of society are driven. The advent of widely available global connectedness has resulted in a determined minority seizing upon this ideology and supercharging it in order to disenfranchise entire segments of society and population in the pursuits of their goals.

 Over the intervening decades this ideology has been slowly but surely injected into mainstream society and politics to the point that we have arrived at today. This ideology has been seized upon by mainstream media and the perpetuation of the ideology is then disseminated into broader society exponentially like ripples in a pond.

 The slow but insidious perpetuation of this belief system, for that it what it has become, has in turn invaded every aspect of society and political belief. Virtually all modern political and societal attitudes have become infected with it. That is regardless of it being based in fear of retribution or from using the ideology to advance a belief or cause, regardless of the absurdity of that belief or cause.

Viewed in context, this is absurd, and beggar’s belief that this has become the status quo within society to the almost complete exclusion of any other concept of thought.

It can be argued that this is the abandonment of reason and common-sense in the adoption of a belief system that is inherently flawed. Yet here it is.

Empowerment, tolerance, gender, equality, race, and diversity are the main vehicles by which this ideology now travels, and it is amazingly effective, despite a disturbing reality that the culture is contradictory in application in virtually all instances.

PC culture, by its own evolution, has the means to rip apart reason, facts, and common-sense with trite phrases and attacks on logic and wisdoms by means of attacking the morals and values upon which society is built in the pursuits of the agenda by which it is employed. This by no means endorses past beliefs that were inherently flawed, rather this exposes the absolute hypocrisy of PC culture.

Reason or fact no longer plays a part in thinking when PC culture is unleashed. By and of itself PC culture is a self-perpetuating myth that allows an individual or group to force their belief or agenda on society by utilising the very bases of morality and values of society as the weapons by which it spreads fear and panic which in turn results in submission.

It should be noted that PC culture also feeds upon itself when the ideology is contradictory to any given agenda, and yet the hypocrisy of that is overlooked or ignored.

A pertinent case in point of the hypocrisy of PC culture is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The authors of this movement perhaps had noble intentions with the launching of their movement, however recent events have shown how any cause, noble or not, can be distorted or hijacked to achieve a desired result. The recent storm of riots across America and the surge of protests across many countries display this. For some the protests have become the vehicle by which they can push their agenda under the guise of another. For some this was the opportunity for political posturing, and for others it was to settle grudges. For others, who claim to hold true to the principles of political correctness, have taken this opportunity to shamelessly provoke deeper racial divides within society while preaching the opposite. Others have used this movement to promote and encourage the very thing they claim to deplore, which is hatred and violence.

Yet despite having little to no morality or convictions in supporting or advancing the fate of minorities, a significant number of people globally have embraced this in a torrent of protests, violence, and destruction of culture and history. Dissension or critical debate are unacceptable in the mob mentality and is eradicated. This is fostered by social and mainstream media who report in a subjective way and twist facts to make reprehensible somehow acceptable. It takes no small inspection of local and world events to see the destruction that has been unleashed and yet violence is presented as peaceful, destruction of history and culture is presented as construction. Even when showing footage of these events the narrative of the media clumsily attempts to paint the reality of these events in a fashion that contradicts that footage that they show.

Look to America and it is evident that the very fabric of American society is being ripped asunder by masses that have virtually no understanding of the agenda behind their actions. The mob rules and is endorsed by the left-wing political process and mainstream media. They use violence and destruction to endorse peace; they use coercion and racial division to promote equality and tolerance. To even take a neutral stance is not enough for the mob and they pile on the individual to force submission, even as they do so they must know that forced acceptance is not true acceptance of any ideology. Yet it is good enough. This is hypocrisy and a prime example of the contradictory nature of PC culture.

The only way that the violence and anarchy can be contained, regardless of which ideology prevails, is by force. This unarguable fact has been proven time and again throughout history. The result of this, in the end, is a price to be paid by the masses that they either cannot or will not see as they are overcome by the imaginary freedoms that mob rule provides.

‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.’  – George Orwell

In Australia this flawed mentality has also abandoned reason and fact to also attack the foundations of our society. It takes no great effort to see that mob rule and subjective thought and opinion is at play. Blind acceptance is the only acceptable path and destruction of the individual or entity is the alternative.

For those who point out fact, or attempt reason, are tarred with the brush of racism, white supremacy, misogyny, paternalism, or sexism. The end result is silence as this is the only option if you do not have total acceptance for the movement. This attack on dissension to the cause could be seen as amusing when the agitators turn upon each other when it suits them except for the absolute hypocrisy of this mentality. Total submission is never enough as the mob have no fixed goals and keep moving the goalposts.

Hypocrisy at play and yet the ignorant masses pile on as the argument no longer matters, what matters is that yesterday’s idol are todays ogre and must be destroyed. Refer to J.K. Rowlings and how she was upheld at one point to be torn down when she presented an opposing view on transgender.

This misplaced ideology is supported by all sides of the political arena as they have been infiltrated and indoctrinated over the decades. Appeasement has now become the only avenue by which self-survival is assured, even then there are no guarantees.

The concept of appeasement for this dogma can only be viewed as self-defeating in that the very act of repeated appeasement has given strength and validity to these causes while eroding the morals and values by which Australian society was once prided. It is akin to the toddler dictating terms to the parent, and the parent submitting to the toddler just to avoid a tantrum.

To understand how this came about requires a look back in history to see that the tools being employed come straight from the Marxist, Leninist playbook which in turn was taken from Sun-Tzu in his book ‘The Art of War’.

What the agitators of rebellion fail to understand is that they in turn will be eradicated if they succeed, as that is part of the doctrine. It is covered in the four stages of overthrowing a regime outlined by Bezmenov; Demoralisation, Destabilisation, Crisis, and Normalisation. The last stage, normalisation, requires for the authors of overthrow to be eradicated as they have served their purpose, and for the mob to be dismantled and bound in submission to the new regime. Again, it is about power and greed, nothing else.

This then questions the concept of wisdom in that if wisdom is dependent on strength of character, clarity of vision and the ability to learn from that. This suggests that the collective wisdom both politically and socially is empty, as appeasement to PC ideology has failed and continues to fail. Yet the ideology continues to grow which indicates the abandonment of reason.

Consider that the few voices of opposition, or reason, are remorselessly attacked particularly when they refuse to be silenced. The pile-on is overwhelming and mainstream media and social media are the main vehicles of these attacks. Do the promoters of the cause, regardless of the cause, care about the damage that they do? In short, the answer is no. Damage is repair, destruction is construction, repression is expression, and enslavement is freedom.

The end justifies the means and that is all that counts when a simple fact can enrage as it counters the empty argument. What is sadly amusing is when public opinion turns against the promoters of a cause and then a reversal from mainstream media and social media occurs. Rather than vindicating those few voices of opposition, they are ignored, forgotten, and discarded as the media show themselves to be the vacuous whores that they are.

The question then is how did this happen.

4 thoughts on “Antipodean Angst – part 2

  1. Political Correctness – Oh Boy, that is hell. Literally.
    I guess it may be some kind of protection mechanism from human kind, not only in a biological matter, but on a system humans made themselves.
    Just referring to the second World War – before democrazy even really started, the people wanted to go back to monarchism. Because the “newer” system included more thinking, more self- responsibility, foreseen for each individual brain-owner.
    After the failure of these historical coups and ideological beliefs, the masses unwillingly moved on to a more civilized manner of war, because the old, physical one wasn’t standing in a good light anymore, I suppose.
    The best example of these new wars are obviously taking place on: Social Media, something you have already mentioned and explained in some other of your essays *thumbs up* (hehe, the irony…).
    I adore your references to Sun Tzu and George Owell here. Also your definition of PC is A+ written 🙂
    Philo. Greetings,

    P.S: Yes, it does seem like I accidently made it my own silly quest to comment on each of your works. But appearance is deceptive! I will probably leave some out because I won’t be able to contribute anything…


    1. All change comes with disruption and an element of fear and that is to be expected when embarking into unknown waters.
      Yet the new ideology is more than just that as it seems intent on replacing everything with something less in regards to society and social cohesion. Couple that with the global instability and lack of intent within societies globally to regulate the changes to what would be reasonable and there is cause for concern particularly given the state of the world currently.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So basically you’re saying that everyone is afraid of the width of the world, and only wants to shrink into an ideology that only gives advantage to one aspect of the social spectrum?
        The lack of intent is thorougly true though, sadly. Instability caused by too many doubts and unclear vision is the reason for the snail run called “bureaucracy”


      2. I look at my own country and see the tribalism that has grown from the rhetoric of our political class and promoted by media particularly in regards to vaccinations and lockdowns as a fair example of how narratives are shaped and pushed when a segment of a population wants change.

        PC culture was and is no different as it fractures communities and society into ‘camps’ as it strives for dominance. As with any change the best targets are those with little to no real life experience as they embrace ideals that appeal without investigating them critically and comprehensively.

        Liked by 1 person

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